Streaming Internet TV – Does The Roku Make Cable And Satelite TV Obsolete?

For some years now, my radio listening has come from the internet. This has meant that the once magical transistor radios have gone the way of valves and crystal sets. The convenience and choice offered by streaming very soon made it a ‘no contest’, so I wonder if a similar thing could happen with TV – now that we can get the Roku xd streaming player?

Entertainment freely available on demand has been the holy grail for many people and I believe we are taking great strides toward this ideal.

So what will this little box actually do? Well it is possible to watch movies from Netfix or Amazon Video on demand, all on the highest quality HD video. As well as this you can get most of the radio stations in the US and listen to your own iTunes choices. Imagine watching YouTube clips on your TV. Awesome.

The entertainment available is being constantly updated, so you will never run out of things to watch. With your $10 a month Netfix subscription, you can get more movies than you will ever have time to watch.

The Roku is so easy to set up and is compatible with almost any TV. However, remember you do need a high speed internet connection with a minimum speed of 1.2 mbps. In order to watch HD, it is recommended that your speed is 5 mbps. You also need the TV of course, but no pc is necessary.

I can strongly recommend this product, as can many other buyers who have posted their reviews. You can start watching movies on your TV in seconds and the wireless connection is built in. This means your PC or laptop is free to do other tasks.

In case you like the idea of a replay button, this machine has one of those as well. Miss a bit, hit the button and go back in 10 second steps – amazing.

All in all this is a great addition to your home entertainment and could prove an extremely popular gift as well.

Find out more and decide whether you still need your cable or satellite subscription. I have not given mine up yet, but it might only be a matter of time.