Put Movies On PSP

From TV screens in the back of headrests in automobiles to portable DVD players, a sudden wave of portable “home theaters” have became very popular. Now with the PSP it has put a whole new spin on portable “home theaters.” You can now purchase UMD’s as opposed to DVD’s to be used in the PlayStation Portable, making it a mobile “home theater”. Better than purchasing UMD’s would be simply to just put movies on PSP. You can do this by downloading a movie onto your computer, then saving the file to you PSP’s memory stick.

At this point I know you must be thinking that you will barely be able to fit any movies onto your PSP’s memory stick, but the good news is that you don’t even have to save it to your PSP’s memory stick, the movies can be streamed directly from your computers hard drive. The only reason you would put movies on PSP in the first place, would be to take it on long trips. Other than that you can leave it on your computers hard drive and just stream it from there.

It is not a complicated process to put movies on PSP. It’s as simple as finding the movie you would like( in the correct format of course), downloading it to your computers hard drive, and from there you can decide whether or not to stream it from your hard drive or save it to your PSP’s memory stick to take it with you on a long trip. In order to stream it from your hard drive directly you would need special software, and luckily most of the sites that offer these PSP downloads will also offer the appropriate software to do this.

From here the next thing you’ll need to do is find a site that allows you the option of downloading movies to your PSP. If you find a site like this it’ll most likely also offer game and music downloads for PSP in addition too the movies. These sites will also offer instructions to put movies on PSP as well as they will also most likely offer the software needed to stream movies from your hard drive.