New Sony Streaming Player

If you’re looking for a streaming player with unique features, the Sony SMP 200 is one of the best choices you have. It comes highly rated by many consumers as one of the best streaming players in its class. This new model is an upgrade of the earlier model of the Sony smp 100. The new streaming media player makes it really easy for you to stream the very best in entertainment. Users will notice new and exciting features designed to enhance your entertainment to the fullest. Here are some of the features and capabilities that you are sure to love about the new streaming player.

Streaming Media Channels

This is truly a remarkable unit when it comes to delivering movies, TV shows, a variety of videos, and music. When it comes to entertainment this powerful player grants you access to streaming media channels from some of the biggest entertainment names such as Netflix, Amazon instant Video, Hulu Plus, Pandora, YouTube, Crackel, Video Unlimited and many others. The Sony media player brings you the most exclusive entertainment for your enjoyment.

3D Capability

If you love the technology of 3D, then you will definitely love the 3d capability feature that comes with the Sony media player. To enjoy the 3D capabilities you’ll need a 3D HDTV in order access 3D movies, 3D gaming and 3D TV content. With a strong line up of online channels in HD and 3D, plus with the Sony 3D experience, the Sony streaming player is a favorite among consumers.

DLNA Capabilities

The Sony SMP-N200 is definitely one of the top choices when it comes to choosing a streaming media player. With its DLNA capabilities the streaming player does a excellent job of streaming your movies, photos, music and other media files from any other devices straight to your TV.

An Overall assessment

Many people like what the Sony SMP-N 200 can do because it has a variety of different features from other streaming media players. The Sony streaming player is definitely one of the most advanced media players available. Considering the price, the Sony SMP200 is a robust unit that delivers some of the best entertainment.

To conclude, many users have given the Sony media player many positive reviews for delivering the very best in streaming media. With the Sony streaming player you’ll have all the action delivered to your HDTV or 3D HDTV. The Sony SMP-N200 is truly a powerful upgrade from its predecessor and will continue to bring you as much entertainment as you can handle.