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Video Streaming Reaching Out To The On Demand Customer

YouTube and MeTV understand that people want a creative way to express themselves. The anonymity provided by the web has allowed multiple thousands of wannabe stars to shine in low-resolution splendor.

The success of these online video enterprises has encouraged others like Yahoo, AOL and a variety of other media outlets to begin streaming video for online consumption.

Even children’s television is finding ways to allow kids to utilize online video streaming to participate in traditional television broadcasts through MeTV.

Television shows are now being released as video streaming downloads because the public is interested in video content.

Sure, there are uses for educational and knowledge based video streaming, but what about a lighthearted parody of your business?

Some businesses use these video parodies for annual company meetings or they have their staff reenact a portion of a well-known movie. While it may have originally been a fun part of a company meeting this information can be made available as part of a video streaming download allowing multiplied thousands of visitors to gain an appreciation for the humanness of the individuals running the business.

There are times when a good marketing campaign simply means allowing customers to see that you are not opposed to enjoying life. Video streaming is a concept that is sprinkled throughout social websites like MySpace. If your video stream is entertaining you might consider making it available on a site like YouTube. In turn, you may discover that many individuals that frequent social networks may pick your video stream to feature on their website. This scenario simply allows your work to be scattered in a variety of circles. In the end it could mean more site visitors and search engine queries.

The growth of video streaming is in response to the on demand needs of web users who have grown accustomed to having what they want at their fingertips.

Forbes has created an online presence that features extensive company produced news clips and other online video streaming. This component has become a big part of You will find many more sites are relying on the marketing of their own online “network”.

If video streaming didn’t have a positive marketing kick for these companies it wouldn’t be used, but more and more sites are making video streaming a key player in their online marketing strategies.

Whether your content is serious or hilarious, video streaming makes it possible to reach out to a media savvy audience and engaging them in a new way.

Sales of Blu-Ray Players and Discs Are Increasing With The Help Of Online Streaming

Many have predicted the downfall of the physical media discs. But they just may have to hold off on those predictions; at least for a little while. And the reason for this just may have to do with the main cause of its “so-called” demise; streaming online content. According to a new report by NPD Group, sales of Blu-ray Disc Players are still rising. The NPD Group states there was a 9 percent increase in the number of household using a player in the first quarter of this year. And that 15 percent of U.S consumers admitted to using a player in the last 6 months prior to March, 2011.

There are many reasons for the increases in sales. The fact that manufacturers are always adding new features to players while still dropping prices is a big factor. And consumers are seeing the value of movie combos packs (various types of discs all in one package). Also, consumers are finally realizing the superior quality of blu-rays. Before many were content with the quality of DVDs, saying it was good enough. But as TV technology gets better, consumers know if they want to get the most value out of their HDTV, the only way is with a player. But the main reason could lie in the fact that 50 percent of consumers intending on purchasing a player in the near future, will do so because they want access to subscription video downloading services such as Netflix.

Of course, players are not the only way consumers can access Netflix and other streaming services. There is competition from Apple TV, Roku, Boxee Box and other devices. So why would consumers choose a Blu-ray Player? Mainly because consumers like getting more value for their money. For the same price as the online streaming boxes, you can get a player that has all the same online streaming.

Adding online streaming services to players seemed like a no-brainer. Manufacturers understood the appeal of online streaming media services. While the movies and TV shows from online streaming can not match the video and audio quality physical discs. Consumers like the convenience factor and a seemly unlimited supply of content that comes with online streaming. Instead of fighting this new trend, they quickly began to equip their players with tons of online streaming apps. And it soon became apparent that players were just as much about online streaming as they were about playing physical discs.

However, while the popularity of digital media is growing, blu-ray consumers seem to be deciding to purchase more discs for their players as well. NPD states in their report that Blu-ray sales are making up the loss of DVD customers. While sales of physical media discs are declining, the decline is being slowed down due to Blu-ray sales. Which keep increasing every year. So services like Netflix are actually helping sell more players as well as more discs.

First Review of the Roku 2 XS Streaming Player 1080

Currently rated #1 on the best sellers list for digital media devices on, the Roku 2 XS Streaming Player 1080 provides users with a quality experience when it comes to watching television. The device is an alternative to a regular cable TV or satellite subscription, and most find it cheaper. With everyone looking to save money on utilities these days, it is no wonder why this item would be forecasted as a hot seller for this holiday season.

The Roku 2 XS Streaming Player 1080 allows you to choose from 300 channels in their lineup. It would be difficult for anyone to say they couldn’t find something to watch when they had this device connected to their television. Speaking of connection, the Roku works with almost every television on the market. You can use it to enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies, music, and games. It is also compatible with Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, Amazon Instant Video, and other services.

Wi-Fi connectivity is available with the Roku 2 XS Streaming Player 1080. If you do not currently have such a connection set up in your home, you can use a wired connection with the device instead. The box features a three step set up that involves plugging it into an electrical outlet, connecting it to the television, and enjoying your favorite form of entertainment.

The back of the Roku 2 XS Streaming Player 1080 offers a variety of options. You can use a HDMI cable between the box and your television for better picture quality. Composite output (red, white, yellow cable) is also available. There is also a USB port located on the box that allows you to play your own videos or music through the television.

What Do I Get With the Roku 2 XS Streaming Player 1080?

* Remote control that features motion control for certain games

* Full version of Angry Birds

* 2 AA batteries (for remote)

* Power adapter

* Manual to get your started

* 90 day warranty

Is the Roku 2 XS Streaming Player 1080 Worth It?

The Roku 2 XS Streaming Player 1080 is the best offering of the Roku 2 line. It possesses features that the other models do not, including a free edition of Angry Birds, USB port, and Ethernet port for a wired connection to the internet. If you or someone you know is looking to stream HD programming to their television without having to pay high fees for cable or satellite, the $100 price tag for this device is definitely worth it.

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