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Life is Tough – Getting Movies Should Be Easy

Although the aroma of fresh popped popcorn and a darkened theater with a towering wide screen lures us to new released films, most of us still view far more movies at home than at the theater. With the introduction of online movie rental and movie downloads nearly ten years ago, the selections offered by the local video store are not the only options viewers have for their home entertainment.

Aside from the improved affordability, movie fans enjoy watching movies at home because of convenience. With busy lives that keeps us at work and on the road, time spent relaxing at home is at a premium and any service that allows us to enjoy that time without additional complexity or effort is highly prized. With this in mind, which of these movie services provides the most value for the home viewer?

Traditional video stores can be convenient for some last minute movie picks; or at least convenient if a person lives within a few blocks of the store. If someone suddenly decides at 5:30 pm. that there is time to squeeze in a showing of the most recent Harry Potter flick with the kids, then it is certainly easy to get to and from the store and be ready to view within a half an hour. This assumes of course that the store will have a copy of the DVD available in house at the time it is being sought.

If Harry isn’t at the local video store, then browsing through the remaining films and examining the DVD cases may provide a hint as to what the family might enjoy. After the movie, the viewer will then have at least a couple of days to shuttle back to the store and return the movie before incurring any late fees.

Movie downloads are one of the newer options. Certainly, downloading a movie can allow viewers to decide at the last minute to view Harry Potter, or some other movie, as well. Just a quick 5 minute visit to the download site on line to select and initiate the download allows viewers to remain at home throughout the process. Most films require approximately an hour to download depending upon connection speed. The good news however is that many movie downloads are capable of allowing viewers to begin watching the movie only a matter of minutes into the download process.

There is no worry about returning rented movies that are downloaded or any late fees. Upon download, viewers have a specified period of time in which to watch the movie before it expires. Movielink for example allows movies to be stored for up to 30 days. Perhaps the one drawback for many movie downloads is that they often must be viewed on a PC rather than a television unless viewers have a connection between their PC and TV. The future however, may provide greater flexibility as legal movie download services may be better positioned to allow burning movies to DVD as some of the digital rights management issues are being addressed with movie studios.

Online movie rental services can certainly ease the process of selecting and obtaining movies. Users can go online and select from over 75,000 titles, nearly five times the number of titles offered in a local video store. Here users can create a list of movies in advance that will automatically arrive at their door. Movies requested generally arrive within 1 to 2 business days after they are requested. Users merely stick the DVDs in an envelope for the mailman to pick up when they are ready to return them; and only when they are ready to return them. There are no due dates and no late fees either. The most evident drawback to this system is for those viewers who don’t decide they have the time to view a movie until earlier that same day. Mail delivery does not allow such last minute decisions.

Online movie rental services are evolving however to better accommodate those last minute choices. Netflix, the largest online movie rental service, announced in early 2007 their service can now provide a “Watch Now” feature which allows customers to stream movies directly to their PC rather than waiting for the DVD in the mail. Although not all movie titles are available for streaming at this time, it does provide a potential solution for the occasional last minute movie craving.

One of the final conveniences of online movie rental is that the sheer number of movies offered makes it more likely that a movie of choice will be available. In situations where viewers aren’t sure what they want to see, the Netflix service is even able to provide recommendations based on the comments and ratings of other viewers and the actual viewing pattern of the user. The accuracy of the Netflix recommendations has been applauded within the industry and certainly offers a better option than merely reviewing the information provided by production studios on the sleeves of a DVD.

Each movie service offers different convenience advantages for home movie viewers. Determining whether movie downloads, online movie rental, or use of the local video store is best, may be dependent upon the preferred viewing patterns of a user and their access to a computer or the proximity of a local video store.

Music and Movie Fans Stream Content Online With Satellite TV

For years, movie and music fans have spent a lot of money on the big collections they’ve built up. DVDs and CDs haven’t been cheap, and unfortunately, as many people have noticed they’re out of date these days. As a result, some people are starting to update their collections by purchasing expensive Blu-rays and electronic albums, but as many other people are realizing, they can save a lot of money and space in their house by streaming movies and music online instead. In order to stream content online without any glitches though, viewers have to have a fast internet connection, and that just isn’t possible with a dial-up internet connection. If you’re going to make the switch to online streaming, then you should make the switch to satellite internet.

Satellite internet connections are 50 times faster than dial-up connections, which is quite a leap in speed. For anyone who is going to download or stream large files online, that kind of speed is definitely necessary. Music and movie fans can stream or download content from several different providers online, but no matter what service they choose to use, it’s completely useless without a fast internet connection. Dial-up internet users have been behind the times for years, but at this point, they’re not just dealing with long wait times, they’re missing out on many different online opportunities that exists these days.

One of the most popular online movie streaming websites is Netflix, which offers viewers instant access to more than 17,000 movies. After paying around $8 per month, you can just log-in, select a movie and start watching, which is much faster than having to run out to the store to buy or rent a film. Depending on how many movies you watch per month, it’s also much cheaper to pay a small flat-fee like this. Yet, if you’ve ever tried streaming with a slow connection, then you know how frustrating it can be. Without satellite internet service, viewers’ connections will often timeout and videos will stop loading. When you’ve just found a good movie to watch, there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to watch it due to your poor internet access. Netflix has competition from other content providers like Hulu, iTunes, Amazon and many others, and all of those are good options that have their own benefits and drawbacks.

Music fans really enjoy being able to stream songs online because it enables them to learn about new bands they wouldn’t have otherwise heard about. Websites like Pandora enable people with fast satellite internet connections to stream radio stations online and each radio station is closely tied to a theme or band. If you don’t like a song that you hear, you can even skip ahead to the next one. Additionally, websites like MySpace and YouTube make it possible to listen to entire songs or watch music videos from specific bands of your choosing. There are plenty of other great listening options for listening to music online as well, but no matter what outlet you go through, you’ll want to have speedy satellite internet access so you don’t run into problems.

Multiple Streams of Income Ideas – On and Offline

Have you ever thought about changing your job but felt it was too risky to jump from one career field into a different one? Perhaps you’re unemployed and can’t seem to catch a break in your chosen industry? Maybe it’s time to consider earning your living from many different sources. Here are some multiple streams of income ideas that might help bring in a new source of income; or three!


There are many options available e.g. audio transcription, programming, web design, graphic design and data entry.


Do you have a way with words? Maybe it’s time to embark on a career in publishing, for example, writing, editing or proofreading. It’s so easy now to have a book published because you can do it digitally through the medium of ebooks.

However if you still love the tangible printed page, there’s the self-publishing option which offers an affordable way to print a small run of books. Alternatively, have you considered writing articles for an online site like Associated Content or Constant Content? They are well-respected writing websites which pay you for new articles. Associated Content doesn’t pay you directly; instead you earn money each time somebody clicks on one of your articles. In the case of Constant Content, they have hundreds of clients who are always looking for high quality, well written articles, and a single article can be worth up to $200. Constant Content has very strict rules when it comes to formatting your article properly and adhering to their editorial guidelines. If this is one of the multiple streams of income ideas that appeals to you, be sure to do your homework and read all Constant Content’s rules before submitting an article for publication.

Online Marketing:

Do you understand SEO? SEO skills and know-how are in great demand. Have you heard of viral marketing? Viral movies are short snappy (often funny) movies distributed online to promote a product or company. The idea is that the viral movie is so good that it gets passed around like a virus, thereby promoting the product very effectively.


The best way to start on eBay is to sell items you already have at home and once you’ve built up experience and positive feedback you can turn eBay into a lucrative income by selling niche products that may be readily available in your area, but might be in high demand in other parts of the world.

These are just some multiple streams of income ideas that will hopefully give you the incentive to do further research, and take advantage of your talents and experience to boost your earnings.