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Movies Capital Vs Netflix – Comparing Benefits and Features

Two of the most popular sites on the net for movie fans looking to purchase and view movies is Netflix and Movies Capital. Both have outstanding reputations but differ in the type of services and cost structures offered to their members. I would like to make a comparison of some of these major features in a short review of both sites.

Netflix made its name by offering a DVD service where you could obtain movies sent to you using the postal service. They have been around for a long time and as a result have a very extensive library of movies to choose from.

Movies Capital is a relatively new service. It does not offer a movie exchange service by mail. Instead their specialty is in the legal downloading, streaming, and burning of movies to DVD. Netflix offers you the service to watch streaming moves and download them to your hard drive but does not give permission to make fully functional DVDs by burning them.

When I download a movie I want the option of watching it more than once if I so desire. Therefore I would want to be able to save the movie and avoid the lengthy process of downloading it every time I want to view it. Now if I save hundreds of movies to my hard drive it will eat up all the space available. That is why I want to be able to burn the movies to DVD and keep my hard drive space free for other applications. Movies Capital offers me that option, Netflix does not.

Then there is the cost when comparing Movies Capital vs. Netflix which is very important to me as I am on a fixed income. To get unlimited downloads of movies from Netflix the cheapest you can get away with is a plan costing $8.99 per month charged to your credit card or bank account automatically. For 2 years of unlimited downloads this works out to a charge of $215.76.

In comparison to Netflix I found that Movies Capital has a 2 year membership that is a onetime charge of $79.95, a huge savings. It gets even better. They are now offering 50% off of the 2 year membership so that it will only cost you $39.95 ($1.66 per month), a savings of $40.00!

The two most important points when comparing Movies Capital vs. Netflix for me was the ability to not only download and stream movies but to be able to legally burn them to DVD along with the cost for such an unlimited service. was superior to Netflix in both areas.

Why Should You Stream?

Streaming has become one of the most value, cost saving technology that I have ever seen! The process of “live streaming” involves a camera for the media, an encoder to digitize the content, a media publisher where the streams are made available to potential end-users and a content delivery network, such as NetFlix to distribute and deliver the content. The media can then be viewed by the end-user, you, live.

Of course technology has allowed us more than one way to enjoy “live streaming”. There are now “boxes” that hookup directly to your television to make it internet capable, thus allowing you to stream movies, videos, etc. to your television. In other words, your television doesn’t necessarily have to be internet enabled for streaming. The gaming industry has also got its claws into this new technology by allowing streaming through their consoles, such as Wii and XBox.

It seems as thought this new trend in that way we watch television has and will explode in the next coming years. Especially because of the way our economic status is. People are looking for ways to cut costs everywhere, well, why not with their most used activity of the day, watching television?

The big cable companies have been getting your hard earned money for years! Competition is a good thing. It’s what we base our country on! Why would you want to pay hundreds of dollars for something you can get for only $7.99 month? Your probably asking, well, what about the quality? There must be some sort of a catch? I can tell you from personal experience, that the quality in some cases is even better than cable or satellite television.

Of course there are some draw backs to streaming. Of course there are going to be draw backs for cable and satellite as well. However, the draw back has nothing to do with the price! There might be instances where the connectivity is lost and what’s called “re-buffering” occurs, so there is a slight interruption in viewing. Simple fix, just either wait for it to re-buffer or try to re-connect.

The bottom-line is why not take advantage of this type of technology and stop paying those high monthly cable bills? The technology is here for everyone to use. You are only missing out if you don’t know about it! I have been very happy with streaming and the financial benefit it provides me. The satisfaction I get every month not having to worry about paying hundreds of dollars for me and my son to enjoy watching television is better than a slice of pie! Well, somewhat.

Learn Canadian French While Watching a Movie!

Here’s a really cool little trick to help kick your Canadian French learning forwards at light speed. All you need to do to really improve and speed up your learning, is find a movie with Canadian French audio, and get English subtitles. After that just sit back, put your mind on auto-pilot, and let the learning begin.

Maybe you think I’m selling snake-oil. Automatic learning? Come on, you’re too clever to fall for that, right?

Good. I’m glad to hear it. But the thing is that as an aid to learning Canadian French, foreign movies with English subs are a fantastic tool. Here’s why:

First Things First – Learn Some Basics

If you don’t speak any Canadian French or even Metropolitan French at all, this method is fun but it’s not going to help you too much. The real benefit is there once you already have a basic understanding of French, be it Metropolitan or Canadian French. That doesn’t mean you need to be fluent -at all! As long as you know a bunch of verbs and nouns, and you have ready knowledge of a handful of sentences, you’re fine. With just a few hours of “studying”, you’ll be ready to start using this awesome tool. Obviously, you can’t learn a language entirely from film, unless you have a lot of time to spare. That’s why it’s important to also use a good program or book to teach you the basics, as well as the ins and outs of Canadian French.

Movies as a Teacher – Here’s How it Works

I’ve personally tried this time and time again, and I can tell you, it’s not only a fun exercise (who doesn’t like watching movies, eh?), it’s also amazing to see how the brain works. When you use this method, you kind of trick the brain into learning. Why? Because you feed your brain two streams of information simultaneously: audio and visual (the subs). And to make it even more fun, the actors provide the context for what you are hearing and reading. When the brain has to process two streams of information at the same time, it automatically tries to synthesize them into one coherent event of meaning and understanding. It can’t help itself, it has to do this because the brain can only hold one thought at any given moment. Sure, you may be able to think very fast so it looks like you’re holding two thoughts at the same time, but it only looks like that because you’re thinking fast, switching from one thought to the other. In reality, it’s one thought after another, like the frames of a film. So by feeding your brain the two parallel streams of info, you’re just helping it to understand more, faster. Cool, eh?

Useful Tips to Get the Most Out of This Technique

  • Choose movies that are more or less adapted to your level of Canadian French. I’m not saying you should watch Sesame Street because you’ve only just started. But what I really mean is: if you’re a beginner, don’t choose a highly complex lawyer-drama or something like that. Start with something lighter, like a comedy or a romantic movie.
  • In the same vein, choose a movie in a genre that you enjoy. Maybe you’ve been told that you really should see this or that Canadian movie, but if it’s not in a genre that you like, it’s best to leave it for later. In this case we’re talking about a learning tool so choose a movie you’ll enjoy.
  • Don’t try to understand the audio. Focus on the subtitles and just let the audio wash into your ears, without paying too much attention to it. See, the mind can not stop itself from hearing audio. By focusing on the subs, you’ll understand the movie, and by hearing the audio without thinking about it, you give your brain the space it needs to make sense of it.
  • Don’t think. Yeah, I’m repeating myself because this point is so important. Just sit back, enjoy the movie, and do not try to learn anything. Just watch the movie and focus on the subs, and that is all you need to do to get the full effect of this trick. It may be confusing or tiring at first, but halfway through your first movie, you’ll notice that you suddenly make connections and understand things that you haven’t learned yet. Or you’ll find yourself understanding something that you left for later learning because it didn’t make sense at the time.
  • Try it! You’ll find that it is a great way to help you learn Canadian French fast. And the cool benefit is that you’ll be learning the strange words that you’ll only find in Canadia French AND you’ll learn about Canadian culture.