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Streaming Video Converter – Convert & Add Videos to Your Site!

How can an advanced Streaming Video Converter help you? Well, it easily enables you to add, host, and play video(s) on your Site with just basic technical skills. Using blocks of plain text on your Site(s) just isn’t enough to drive visitors to action; you need another ‘push’ and Webvideos can easily help you on that. Want to learn more about Video-onto-Websites solutions? Read the following article.


Why is it important to have an advanced Streaming Video Converter on your PC? Simply because it enables you to upload videos to your Web by converting and compressing them to a highly popular file format called Flash-Video (.FLV). By quickly adding a short html code to your page and sending the files to the Webserver the entire process is completed. The webvideos that are generated in this process are known as: “streaming files” – your viewers don’t have to wait to download a large file before watching them.


Let’s quickly examine what is in it for us:

* Compressing raw movies to 10% or less of their original file size!

* It is simply more convincing than writing another sales letter or newsletter.

* Branding your Webmovies with your own text and/or logo.

* Website(s) visitors today respond more to movies than to text.

* It enables you to upload your Webvideo(s) to video-sharing sites and attract more visitors.

If we search a little more, we could easily find other advantages provided by this important online promotional tool simply because it opens up various opportunities for almost any of us.

Final words

Using such powerful Streaming Video Converter opens up numerous opportunities for you to take your online business to the next level. Now that you know more about this technology it is advised to evaluate this unique solution in order for you to enjoy the benefits that it offers.

Streaming Movies Online Live? The Dirty Truth Behind It

Everyone has their own way of passing time during their downtime. One of the best ways to do that is to simply check out a movie that you like. Thankfully there are thousands upon thousands of movies now that a person can watch. There are also unlimited ways one can watch them as well. One of the best ways is streaming movies online live. Read on to learn instantly how you can become one of the many to start doing it immediately.

What is streaming any ways and how is it different from just doing a rent and download movies online? First off this allows you to not have to waste any precious space on your computer. When you download you have to make room on your own personal computer to hold the movie or show that you are interested in.

With streaming you do not need to worry about having enough space. It is never actually saved to your computer. You just simply click the play button on your website of choice and you can start your movie adventure. How great is that? Even though there are sites out that that show you how to copy to and watch movies on my computer. This is not necessary just for simple instant viewing purposes.

You may wonder where can i watch movies on the web? There are site like Hulu, Project TV and various others that allow you access to streaming movies online live. The options are truly unlimited. But you should know that since you will be streaming movies instead of simply downloading them to you computer, you will need to allow time for the website to buffer and get the content to you appropriately. This can take time sometimes depending on how many people are watching the same movie that you are.

Add Streaming Video to Website Tool – Get it Right Away!

Add Streaming Video to Website Tool easily relieves you from being dependent on other VDO hosting Sites such as YouTube. It seems like the latest VDO streaming converters truly offer an easy solution for Webmasters. In this quick article learn how VDOs-onto-Websites technology can easily help you on converting and uploading a movie to any Webpage.

Short overview

Add Streaming Video to Website Tool performs conversion and compression to your videos so they are transformed into .FLV (Flash-Video) Web display file format. The next step will be adding a very short html code to your page and then uploading the new files onto your Webhost server. The following technology creates streaming webvideos for you – they don’t have to be fully downloaded in order to start watching them.


Now that we understand how it works, we need to identify the main benefits:

* This Web-marketing solution is a fraction of the cost of TV commercials.
* An excellent solution to pass your message to busy and impatient visitors.
* It enables you to be more creative and persuasive.
* Compressing raw movies to 10% or less of their original file size!
* Helps you to keep visitors on your site transforming them to email subscribers.

If we search a little more, we could easily find other great benefits provided by this technology, simply because it opens up various opportunities that enable us to better promote any new or existing online business.

Article summary

Add Streaming Video to Website Tool solves a common problem among many online business owners who just have no idea how to easily implement Flash-Videos and get the most out of it. The best advice would be to watch it in action so you could quickly benefit from the various opportunities that it provides.