Netflix Or Blockbuster For DVD Movie Rentals?

Starting up with an online movie rental company can be very exciting. You get to have all of these wonderful movies shipped straight to your home, and generally speaking you won’t have to spend much at all to have it happen. It’s much more convenient than going to a store, and you’ll end up using it much more often.

Between the two big online DVD rental services, Netflix and Blockbuster, which one should you choose? Is one really better than the other for DVD movie rentals, or is it simply a matter of preference?

Generally speaking, you’ll find that both Netflix and Blockbuster offer many of the same features and benefits, and they do so for a very similar price. In fact, the basic Netflix and Blockbuster plans are priced exactly the same for their online movie rental packages ranging from 1 to 3 titles at a time.

Another similarity is that they both offer huge selections of titles. Blockbuster says they have over 95,000 titles, and Netflix says they have over 100,000. Either way, it’s a ton of DVD movie rentals to have at your disposal, and you should never be wanting for something to watch.

As mentioned however there are some important differences, so it’s time to start breaking down these two online DVD rental services to see what they really offer. One way in which they are different is that Netflix provides over 15,000 titles via instant streaming if you’re interested in that. For no extra charges you can stream the titles immediately to your computer or TV, which is very convenient.

While Blockbuster doesn’t offer this, they do offer the ability to return your movies to their stores, which can speed up the exchange process. If you want to be able to exchange your discs right at the store, you can do that to, for a small additional monthly charge built into your plan.

This extra price may be offset by the fact that Blockbuster does not charge any additional fee to rent Blu-Ray movies. Unlimited DVD movie rentals are included with all Netflix plans, but for Blu-Rays you’ll tack on a small extra monthly charge.

Ultimately, you really can not go wrong with selecting either of these two online DVD rental services. However, you can only opt for one, so use the above information to help you make your decision. An online movie rental company, whichever one you choose, can be a great way to add some extra entertainment and fun to your daily life.

“Create Streaming Video” Software – Play Videos on Any Site!

It is simply more than just converting your video(s) to Web format – “Create Streaming Video” Software is about transforming them into ‘Traffic Magnets’. Many users search for various VDOs on the Web: training, demos, solutions – it is a great opportunity for you to generate a lot more traffic that way. Learn more about innovative ideas that will easily enable you to promote your Website by using digital movies.

Basic introduction

The concept behind this technology is quite simple – “Create Streaming Video” Software adjusts your videos so they can be displayed on the Web by converting them to Adobe Flash-Video or .FLV format. In order to complete the process you just need to add a short code to your html page(s) and upload the files onto the Webserver. The final result of this process are streaming webvideos – they are simultaneously being transferred in real-time so that they are being received in a continuous stream.

Main benefits

Undoubtedly most of us can find this technology useful and helpful:

* An excellent solution to pass your message to busy and impatient visitors.

* It is simply more convincing than writing another sales letter or newsletter.

* Auto-redirect your visitors to an order page after your Web-Movie ends.

* Website(s) visitors today respond more to movies than to text.

* It is easier and faster than generating plain text.

If we search a little more, we could easily find other benefits provided by this technology simply because it eliminates many technical difficulties involved with this encoding process.

Bottom line

There is no doubt – Flash-Videos enable you to significantly enhance your Webmarketing efforts and “Create Streaming Video” Software is probably the most effective solution that can help you do that. Now it is time to take action, so at this point it is recommended to check it by yourself as this is the best way that truly enables you to experience the advantages mentioned above.

Local Digital Antenna With Unlimited Movie Device Access For Your Entertainment

Now days the monthly cost of subscribing to a local carrier to watch television shows has gotten very expensive. Everyone owns a computer, and pays for the internet. Why not hook a local digital antenna up to your television, and receive local digital channels free. You then could subscribe to Netflix, stream unlimited movies to your computer, and only pay twenty dollars or less. You are now making more use out of your monthly internet bill. You are saving a ton of money on television broadcast cost each month. This alone in less then a year, will pay for this new technology setup. This gives you more control on what movies you watch, and when you watch them. Yes you will have a lot less television shows, but on the Windows Media Center devices there are a lot of prime time television and additional shows to watch other then movies too, for no additional cost. Your local digital antenna will receive about seven to thirteen digital free channels, depending on signal, and broadcast strength of your antenna.

Setting up Your Local Television Digital Antenna Correctly

For your television signal to work right, you will need a digital antenna, line signal amplifier (approximately four-nine dollars), and RG-11 coax cable (Buy RG-11coax cable online (Sold at “Solid Signal” online thirty dollars for thirty feet of coax cable), local retail stores only carry the lower quality RG-6 coax cable.). The line signal amplifier is needed for the days and nights that are cloudy and stormy. I would also recommend RG-11 coax cable for running your cable from the digital antenna to the digital television. RG-11 is the best coax cable on the market, and keeps out the cell phone and microwave signals better. You still will get a little interference, but your line signal amplifier will power through this. The cost of all this will be around hundred and twenty dollars (This price is based on the cost of thirty feet of RG-11 coax cable). Once you install your new equipment you will not need to pay for this again, no monthly cost. Check and see if your television is equipped with an internal digital television tuner. Check your television’s manual or go online and look up the specifications of your manufacture’s television. If you do not have an internal digital tuner, you can buy an external one for around two hundred dollars or less. This again is one cost, and no monthly cost ever after. I preferred the external digital tuner, because my wife and I loved the electronic television guide that came with it. Something to think about, when purchasing all this fun stuff, even if you have an internal digital tuner in your current television.

Digital Antenna Cable Hook Up

Your antenna RG-11 coax cable will run from your antenna, to your digital television or external digital tuner. Follow the line signal amplifier instructions for proper hookup. If you do have an external tuner, then run an additional RG-11 coax cable or HDMI cable to the television, from the external digital tuner. It is this simple. The digital antenna can be mounted in the house, this way all the cabling and antenna stays out of the weather, less upkeep.

Unlimited Movie setup Using Windows Media Center

Now how do I get started with unlimited movies? Buy a Windows Media Center device for around hundred dollars. Subscribe to Netflix and buy the PlayOn software plug-in that installs on your Windows Media Center computer. PlayOn software cost forty dollars to buy. PlayOn supports Netflix, and streams the movies from the computer to the Windows Media Center device, which is connected to your television. Install the PlayOn software plug-in on your Windows Media Center computer. Configure the PlayOn settings to work with your Netflix account. When you are in the settings areas, make sure you check to see if you have the latest version of PlayOn software. Configure your Windows firewall to allow the PlayOn software to stream freely. Allow two files complete access, MediaMallServer.exe and SettingsManager.exe.

Here is some help with setting up your network to stream video correctly. For the PlayOn software to work right, place the Windows Media Center computer and Windows Media Center device on a network switch (twenty to thirty dollars for a network switch) together. A network switch is similar to a router, but has no software controlling the ports. This is important, to be able to stream your video at a fast rate, and not bog down your network. The network switch then is connected to one empty port of the router that has the ISP (Internet Service Provider) or WAN (World-Wide Area Network) connection.

Windows Media Center, PlayOn, and Windows Media Center device have been a great money saver, and home entertainment system for my family. It does require attention using the computer with PlayOn. PlayOn needs to be at the right version, or your movie will not start through the Windows Center Media device. Knowing this, it is easy to update the PlayOn software on the Windows Media Center computer, and get right back to watching some movies.

Unlimited Movie Setup Using a Gaming Console

Most gaming consoles like the Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, and Nintendo Wii can be used as media centers. You just simply subscribe to Netflix or the provider the game console supports, and it is that simple. You will be watching movies like you were just playing a game you bought. Even better, you can purchase movies through your game consoles, how cool is that!

Have fun setting your new low cost entertainment system up, a way to save.